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Welcome to the Metro Area Paranormal Society - M.A.P.S.

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Hi All...Terri and Shawn have been very busy...Working on E.V.P.and N.D.E. Theories AND they're Posted right here on the Updated M.A.P.S. website! LOOK UNDER NEWS!

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I See Dead People....

This is a phrase that is no longer unheard of. No longer is it purely mockery of media stunts and stories produced over past decades. Now, more than ever before, hundreds of people claim to have had some sort of supernatural encounter.

So do we put them all down as hoaxes to gain publicity? After all, in today's society most dream of being rich and famous and will do anything to get it. But to be honest who would put themselves out there to be harshly criticized by the world's media and public, unless they really believe in what they're saying?

The purpose of this society is to seek out paranormal activity in the omaha area. So if you have things at your home or business that you can't explain then contact us and we will investigate. We also have a forum area for the community to discuss paranormal activity. The site was just created so it needs a little more content and we will be adding many more photos, video, and audio clips of paranormal activity in the omaha area and other cities in the US.

We have put this site together to share our findings and find people who have experienced paranormal events that they will allow us to to investigate further. Also we hope that you will share your stories, past and present, on our forum.

There is no cost involved to explore any part of this site. And if you have unexplained events you would like us to investigate do not hesitate to contact us as we do not charge for visits either.



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